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Advancing the Kingdom of God by bringing hope and salvation to Noosa and beyond through God’s presence and power.

To be an Apostolic presence and influence in our community
To be a joyful Church alive and vibrant, full of praise and faith in Jesus Christ.
To see the Kingdom of Heaven manifesting and invading the Sunshine Coast, where miracles are normal and people are saved healed and delivered.
To be a welcoming Church no matter what your background, meeting people where they are at giving them every resource to be the person God created and predestined them to be.
To be a Church that trains people to use their gifts, talents and abilities equipping them as a team to further the Kingdom of God, seeing people released into ministry and starting new ministries that will impact the world.
To be a Church that reaches out into the community with love and the saving grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, committed to partnering together as a Church family to do whatever we can to see those who are without hope come into a relationship with Him.
To be a Church that breaks down every religious, social, cultural, and racial barrier in the community, making people one in Christ.
To see the social structure of the community transformed by the power of God, crime disappearing and the value of the family restored.
To be a generous church and people prospering financially in life and business.  
To see finances released into the Church that will enable us to be an incredible blessing in the community, positioned to do all that God has called us to do.
To be a Church knit together by the Holy Spirit in such a way that nothing can get in to harm it.
To have facilities which will enable us to minister to the community as opportunity arises.
To be a Church so in love with Jesus that the devil quakes when he hears our name.

The Church We see is Wave Church Noosa